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July 25, 2013 7:37 pm



I did say “increase” and not “bulk up”. As that suggests, if you were to press your finger into steeb’s muscles they wouldn’t spring back like normal muscles but would instead crumble immediately at your touch like a fucked-through meringue. Does he care? No. He’s just going to close that hole with more bogus “reps”. Sickening

why is everyone talking about fucking food tonight

must have been all those selfies you posted. sure got me thinking “there must be something better to have sex with than a human being if that’s what a human being can fucking look like”

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    look we’ve all seen the video of myc’s fitness routine, transcribing it seem superfluous
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    HUP *fucks a cow* HUP *fucks a bronco* HUP *fucks a clown* HUP *fucks a barrel* HUP
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