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May 12, 2013 4:38 pm

i mean, anyone else remember the manuals for warcraft 2, starcraft, whatever? remember the astonishingly busy, nearly incomprehensible art in them? like, there’d be a guy with a tiny head and a dozen slogans on his armor and there’s heads dangling from his belt? you know how that’s basically inspired by the warhammer universe’s “take it to 11” vision of existing tropes through an artistic lens, producing something that deliberately looked like it belonged on the side of a panel van? that’s the “vision” i’m having here, of a white dude in his early 40s who calls himself “Ranger” and is a certified locksmith

  1. ecchiemperor said: you did a really great job of describing what you were trying to get across
  2. voidwish said: DAMN YOU CHRIS METZEN. (also google him and yeah he’s exactly who you would think would draw that)
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