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April 23, 2013 8:24 pm



i don’t bear any ill will towards grimes i just love that the trash boat thing happened in real life

you know we are Posting Friends or w/e but a lot of the posts you made about the trash boat thing were pretty weird and “look at the dumb silly rich white girl having her dumb adventure ruined, lol”

like im not going to dig thru your archive to find those posts but i trust that you’re honest enough to acknowledge that they exist

this isn’t a callout or anything but it’s definitely something you should be more aware of

yeah it was a mistake and i’m sorry i made it

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    "this isn’t an official callout" fuck i love that
  2. funnels-launch said: wait until me and spency get the Bonertown Navy started up no waterway is safe from trashboat
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    yeah it was a mistake and i’m sorry i made it
  4. lymphonodge said: if anything it improves the grimes experience