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March 6, 2013 6:43 pm



hugo chavez is a cruel and petty dictator, allocating his nation’s oil funds to the public interest of his people in the hopes of securing reelection in part because he’s been a good steward of the public wealth and worthy of the voters’ trust instead of just owning them personally because god and british diplomats vested absolute power in his person

when i was looking up chavez stuff yesterday i kept finding articles scolding him for “buying votes” by: building houses and feeding the starving. idk i don’t think it counts as “buying votes” so much as “doing his fucking job”

anglo-american political science has so much fucking obsession with the idea of poor people being dumb idiot cattle who are just gonna Vote Themselves Money it’s such a disgustingly mainstream idea that when a businessman votes for his best interest he’s being shrewd and when a poor votes for her best interest she’s being a money pit welfare cheat

it doesn’t help that a lot of the poor are ~those people~ so their votes are already seen as unthinking and illegitimate

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